Thursday, April 30, 2015

Thomas' Third 160th Story

1.          160.     Once upon a time, there was a terrific kid.  Named Thomas.  Thomas had a sticker.  The sticker said “Terrific Kid”.  Thomas put the sticker on his forehead.  Thomas was terrific because he was awesome.
The End.

Thomas' Third 159th Story

1.          159.     Once upon a time, there was a tall building.  It was a tower.  With lights.  It had a flashing red light at the top of the tower.  The tower was like a man.  With lips.  The red light was the lips, and when the light flashed, the man was blowing kisses.
The End.

Book 435

The Three Ninja Pigs, written by Corey Rosen Schwartz, illustrated by Dan Santat, Putnam Book, 2012.

First of all, accurate to the original tale or not, I'm always happiest when the pigs live.  And bonus points for this book because the wolf lives, too.  This book is a great twist on the original piggy tale.  It emphasis how to be proactive, respective and prepared.

This illustration are so power-packed they virtually pop off of the page.

Book 434

How Do Dinosaurs Say I'm Mad?, written by Jane Yolen, illustrated by Mark Teague, Blue Sky Press, 2013.

I would buy any book in this series for Mark Teague's illustrations alone.  They are surprisingly funny for being so accurately rendered. 

I would also buy any book in this series for Jane Yolen's writing alone.  Her writing rises above the level of "books in rhyme" to the level of poetry.  And this charmingly poetic book is an excellent reminder for dinosaurs, big or small, on how to keep one's temper and remain gracious.

Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Thomas' Third 158th Story

1.          158.      Once upon a time, there was a dinosaur land.  The dinosaurs lived on the dinosaur land.  And they were happy there.  But then the volcanoes came.  The lava came out of the volcanoes and covered the dinosaur land.  So the dinosaurs had to grow wings and feathers – Dragon wings and feathers.  The dinosaurs turned into dragons, and they flew away on their dragon wings and feathers.  They flew away to another place.  And to another time.  But maybe they’ll come back one day.
The End.

Thomas' Third 157th Story

1.          157.     Once upon a time, there was a little boy.  He was a mean little boy.  He hit Thomas in the face.  I think he was a bad penguin.
The End.

Thomas' Third 156th Story

1.          156.      Once upon a time, there was a building.  It was a building of numbers.  People were flying over the building of numbers.  In a dream.  It was a bad dream.
The End.