Monday, September 28, 2015

Thomas' Third 475th Story

1.          475.      Once upon a time, the stories were gone.  They were in Thomas’ head, but now they are gone.  When the stories went outside to play, the bad guy stories chased them away.  Now the stories are gone.
The End.

Thomas' Third 474th Story

1.          474.       Once upon a time, there was a penguin.  He was in Thomas’ room.  He didn’t have a name, because penguins don’t have names.  The penguin was in Thomas’ room, spying on Thomas. 
The End.

Thomas' Third 473rd Story

1.          473.        Once upon a time, the world was turning flat.  All of the air was escaping from Greenland, and the world was turning flat.  The air hissed out of Greenland.  Greenland sounded like a hundred snake. 
“I’ll save you, Greenland!” said Thomas.  “I’ll patch you.”  And he did.  And that is how Thomas saved the world.
The End.

Thomas' Third 472nd Story

1.          472.       Once upon a time, there was a Thomas named Thomas.  He wanted to go on an adventure.  He wanted to go on a sea adventure to find sea creatures with glowing eyes.  Because sea creatures with glowing eyes are very cool, and pretty, and scary.
The End.

Thomas' Third 471st Story

1.          471.      Once upon a time, there were seasons.  Hallowe’en is in the Fall, because the leaves fall off of the trees and stick to your costume.  Christmas is in Winter, but Christmas decorations go up in the Fall.  On Christmas Eve, we say, “Good.  Thank you, Winter.  You can go now.”
The End.

Sunday, September 27, 2015

Thomas' Third 470th Story

1.          470.       Once upon a time, there was a star heaven.  It was like an island city, with trains and boats, and with people who painted the skies.  The star heaven was where the stars waited until the stars could make someone’s wish come true.
The End.