Friday, January 31, 2014

Thomas' Second 298th Story

298.     Once upon a time, there was a Thomas named Thomas. He was just happy.  He was an artist.
The End. 

Thomas' Second 297th Story

297.     Once upon a time, it was getting dark outside.  It was too dark to play outside.
“I’m sorry.  The sun is just closing down for today,” said Thomas.
The End.

Thomas' Second 296th Story

296.     Once upon a time, there was a Thomas named Thomas.  He was putting in laundry in his laundry basket.  For Mommy.  So he could have nice, clean clothes.   Thomas was a great help.
The End. 

Thomas' Second 295th Story

295.     Once upon a time, there was an alphabet tree.  There was an E on top of the alphabet tree.  Like a star.  It was an E star.
The End. 

Book 282

The Lightning Thief, by Rick Riordan, Hyperion Books, 2005.

Some years ago, I met Rick Riordan at a library Reading Festival event.  By met, of course, I mean I was in the same room as he was, I asked a question, and I laughed at his jokes.  Still, I was a Youth Services librarian at the time, this book had recently come out, and it all was pretty exciting and memorable.

For a while, I could quote some of the things he said at the event.  Sadly, life intervenes, and things become fuzzy.  I do, however, remember he was extremely intelligent, informed and well-read.  All of those qualities appear in this book, which is a very good start to the series. 

I wanted to give this book five stars, but couldn't quite.  The protagonist acted, sounded and felt a few years older than the stated age.  This sounds like a minor criticism, and in some case it would be, but here it is the heart of the book.  I had to keep reminding myself as I was reading that Percy was only 12 and not 14 or 15, and that slightly marred my enjoyment of the book.

Thursday, January 30, 2014

Thomas' Second 294th Story

294     Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Molly.  Molly Kitten was ready for the cat show.  The cat show was right after the dog show.  Molly Kitten was beautiful, nice, and pretty – just like Sophie Dog.
“Be nice to me now, Molly,” said Thomas.
The End.