Sunday, March 29, 2015

Thomas' Third 128th Story

1.         128.      Once upon a time, there was princess.  She was a beautiful princess, named Jocelyn.  She wasn’t a sand-princess.  And she wasn’t a star-princess.  And she wasn’t a sky-princess.  She was an ice-princess, and she lived in an ice castle with her mother, an ice-queen.
The princess grabbed all the money in the ice castle.  And she gave the money to a man playing the guitar.  The man had a scratchy beard, and he was singing, “Beau-ti-ful Prin-cess, Beau-ti-ful Princess.”
The man put the money in his pocket, and he gave the princess a kiss.
The queen saw the princess give the money to the man, but she wasn’t angry.  She just said, “Thank you.”
The End.

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