Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Thomas' Third 510th Story

1.            510.        Once upon a time, there was a king without a castle.  The king without a castle went into the Parthenon because nobody was living in the Parthenon.  The king without a castle stood and watched the rain.  A Thomas named Thomas watched the king.  
“Is your dress a costume?” asked Thomas.
“No,” said the king.  “This is not a costume; these are the clothes of Ancient Greece.”
“Why do your clothes shine like jewels?” asked Thomas.
“My clothes shine like jewels because they are jewels,” said the king.
“Why does your body look like the tile in my family room?” asked Thomas.
“My body is made of marble,” said the king.  “I am a statue.”
“If you are a statue, why are you talking?” asked Thomas.
But the statue king with the marble body and the jewel clothes did not answer.  He just stared at the rain.
The End.

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