Thursday, June 18, 2015

Thomas' Third 218th Story

1.          218.     Once upon a time, there was a little boy.  He lived in Greenland.  He wasn’t a very nice boy.  One day the little boy found a rainbow bottle.  Inside the rainbow bottle was a note.  The note said, “Go to Rainbow Falls.  Throw this bottle into the Rainbow River.”
So the little boy went to Rainbow Falls.  And he threw the bottle into Rainbow River.  And a mermaid with a rainbow tail jumped out of the water and caught the bottle.  The mermaid caught sunlight and sun music in the bottle.  The mermaid threw the bottle back to the little boy. 
When the little boy opened the bottle, he wanted to be nice.  He didn’t want to call anyone a “poophead” anymore.  And he didn’t want to put anything in anyone’s eye.  And he didn’t want to pull anyone’s hair.  The little boy wanted to be nice.
The End.

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