Friday, September 25, 2015

Thomas' Third 467th Story

1.          467.        Once upon a time, there was a kitten named Molly.  Molly Kitten was singing to the moon.  But the moon didn’t hear Molly Kitten.  So Molly Kitten sang louder.  But still the moon didn’t hear her.  The moon was old and couldn’t hear very well.  But Thomas heard Molly Kitten’s singing.  Molly Kitten’s singing stopped Thomas’ sleeping.  So Thomas put on his space helmet, and his space jacket, and his rocket boots, and he flew in a rocket ship to the moon.  Thomas put a grand old flag on the moon.  Then Thomas destroyed the moon.  Thomas destroyed the moon because it was too old to sing, and it was too old to hear singing.  We need a new moon.  After Thomas destroyed the moon, a new moon grew up in the sky.  And the new moon heard the song that Molly Kitten sang.  And the new moon sang a new song to Molly Kitten.  And Molly Kitten and the new moon were very happy because they could sing together.  And Thomas was very happy because he could sleep.
The End.

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