Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Thomas' Third 638th Story

1.     Once upon a time, there were woods.  It was Winter in the woods.  In the woods were a moose, a fawn, and a white rabbit, and there were all friends.  Also, in the woods was a bad woodcutter. 
The bad woodcutter chased the animals because he wanted to chop them up.  The animals ran away from the bad woodcutter and ran right into a house.  In the house was another woodcutter.  She was a good woodcutter.  She stood in front of the moose, the fawn, and the white rabbit so the bad woodcutter couldn’t chop him. 
The bad woodcutter said he would chop down the good woodcutter, so he raised his axe.  The good woodcutter kicked the back woodcutter and she broke his axe, and she chased him out of her house.  The moose, the fawn, the white rabbit, and the good woodcutter went out on the back porch and had a party.
The End.

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