Wednesday, December 23, 2015

Thomas' Third 686th Story

1.     Once upon a time, there was a hamster named Fred.  He was a Fred named Fred.  He lived in Thomas’ house.  He had a big cage with a lot of tubes, and he was happy.
One day, an owl flew into Thomas’ house and tried to capture Fred with its big, sharp claws.  Mommy called 911, and the hunters came to capture the owl.  They chased the owl away from Fred.  The owl escaped by flying out the doggie-door.  The hunters ran out, too, but they didn’t open the door and made a body-shaped hole in the door.  The owl flew up to the top pole of Thomas’ treehouse.  The hunters shot at the owl, missed the owl, and hit the treehouse pole.  The treehouse pole broke, and the owl got away.  That was OK, because Fred was safe.
The End.

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