Thursday, August 6, 2015

Thomas' Third 364th Story

1.          364.     Once upon a time, there was a dog named Rufus. Rufus was a country dog. But Rufus had to move to the city. Rufus liked the city until he wanted to go to sleep. The city was too noisy. The trashcans banged. The elevators dinged. And the police cars went "Woo woo". Rufus couldn't sleep. 
Rufus walked around the city until he found a hotel. He was walking by the pool when he fell in the deep end. There was a cute little goat named Matilda by the pool. She had black eyes for seeing in the dark. She saw Rufus. She rescued Rufus from the deep end of the pool. 
Rufus said, "Thank you."
Matilda said, "You're welcome."
Matilda the goat took Rufus the dog inside her hotel. There was a flower in the window of the hotel. Rufus said, "That smells like home." So Rufus and Matilda moved back to the country where the flowers grow. 

The End.

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