Sunday, August 23, 2015

Thomas' Third 400th Story

1.          400.      Once upon a time, there was a big ship.  We were all on the big ship.  The ship was on the wrong path.  The signs said, “abandon ship”.
Thomas turned on his computer.  He went to Microsoft Word and he typed in “loose ropes”, and the ropes were loosened.  Then Thomas typed in “nails”, and he got nails.  Thomas patched the ship with the nails, and the ship was fixed.
Thomas got out of the ship, and he was in Russia.  A big wolf came out of the forest and chased Thomas.  Thomas ran back to the ship. 
Thomas turned the wheel to the University World.  The University World is where all the nursery rhymes and fairy tales live, and other things like that.  There is a real world, with a real Russia, and with real wolves.  And there is a University World, with a fairy tale Russia, and with Peter and the Wolf.  But in the University World, the wolf isn’t real, and it doesn’t eat ducks, and cats, and men, and boys.
The End.

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