Monday, July 6, 2015

Thomas' Third 293rd Story

1.          293.        Once upon a time, there was an evil man.  He was an evil wizard man.  He took Mommy, and he locked Mommy in a castle.  Mommy was sad.  And Thomas was sad because he didn’t have his Mommy.
Thomas was brave. So he went to the castle.  But Mommy wasn’t in the castle.   She was under the castle.  The wizard’s wand was in the castle, so Thomas took it. 
Thomas planted some seeds under the castle.  They were flower seeds.  Thomas planted the seeds and he sang to them.  The flowers grew fast, and the flowers grew high.  The flowers lifted the castle off of the ground, and Mommy could get out. 
Then Thomas turned the wizard’s wand to poop.
The End.

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