Friday, July 31, 2015

Thomas' Third 346th Story

1.          346.      Once upon a time, there was a shark.  It lived in the ocean.  It ate fish and ships.  It was a girl shark, named Nana.  Nana shark wanted to be a nice shark. 
In the ocean, there was a catfish.  It was a boy catfish, named Beek.  It was a nice catfish.
One day Nana Shark and Beek Catfish met in the ocean in an underwater pirate ship.  Nana was eating the ship.  Beek was looking for nice treasure.  Beek found Nana and said, “Hi, I’m Beek.  Do you want to be my friend?”  Nana thought Beek was really nice, so she didn’t eat him.   And they became friends.
Nana Shark went to shark school.  Beek Catfish went to Catfish school.  One day Beek Catfish went to shark school to have lunch with Nana Shark.  All the sharks were eating fish for lunch.  Nana said, “I can’t eat fish!  Fish are my friends.”  So Nana Shark and Beek Catfish went on a treasure hunt instead.  Now Nana Shark eats pirate ships.  But only the sunken ones.  She is a nice shark.
The End.

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