Sunday, July 12, 2015

Thomas' Third 315th Story

1.          315.          Once upon a time, there was a beautiful princess.  She lived in a beautiful castle, with a beautiful queen and a beautiful King.  The queen was named Salinda.  The king was named Corindo.  And the princess was named Beautiful.
There was also a handsome prince.  His name was Adventure.  He went exploring through a big desert.  He found a little troll.  The little troll gave the prince magic beans.  The prince planted the magic beans in the desert, and a beanstalk grew up out of the ground. 
The beanstalk grew up to a beautiful land, with beautiful houses, and beautiful people.  But all on the people were wearing rags.  The prince went to a magic store and bought some beautiful magic clothes for the people.  The people gave the prince a magic potion that shrunk the beanstalk back to the ground. 
When the prince got back down to the ground, he went to the beautiful castle and the beautiful princess. 
One day the prince will marry the princess and they will have a Beautiful Adventure.
            The End.

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