Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Thomas' Third 535th Story

1.     Once upon a time, there was a praying mantis.  It was a girl praying mantis.  She went shopping.  She wanted to go to the shoe store, but the shoe store was closed.  So she went to the shooting star store instead.  There was only one shooting star in the store, and it looked rusty, but it was gigantic, so she bought it anyway, and took it home.  At home, she cleaned up the shooting star and it wasn’t really rusty; it was just dirty, and it was made of gold.  The shooting star was as big as her house, so she moved into it.
That day, a farmer was stomping through the fields and destroying homes with his big feet.  Stomp – and one praying mantis home was gone. Stomp – and another praying mantis home was gone.  The girl praying mantis was scared, but she stayed in her shooting star home and waited.  The farmer stomped on her old home, and it was gone, but the farmer couldn’t stomp on the star.  The star was safe.  And the praying mantis was safe, too.
The End.

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