Thursday, November 26, 2015

Thomas' Third 582nd Story

1.     Once upon a time, there were Pilgrims.  They came over the ocean from England in a ship.  The ship steering broke, but all the Pilgrims were seasick, so they got off of the ship. 
The Pilgrims wanted to go to Maine, so they went north.  But one of the Pilgrims was holding his map upside-down, so he went south. 
He drove all the way to Florida.  He went to the beach in Florida and tried to get into the hotel.  The hotel-man said, “No Pilgrims here.  You need to go north.”  And the hotel-man turned the Pilgrim’s map around the right way. 
The Pilgrim drove all the way to Maine, and he got there just in time to catch a turkey (not the food turkey – it was still a bird turkey).
The End.

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