Friday, November 20, 2015

Thomas' Third 555th Story

1.     Once upon a time, there was a party.  The party was in a hotel.  At the door of the hotel was a greeter.  He was dressed up in a chicken costume, and he was playing the trumpet.  Because that was his job.  And there was another hotel worker.  He was a robot.  He couldn’t walk very well because his hand was mixed up with his foot. 
The first guest was a frog-fish skeleton man.  He had a suitcase and a hat for fishing.  The next guest was a sun-man.  Then came a digger-man.  He had a shovel, and a hat, and scary eyes.  Then came a world man – one half of his face looked like a globe.  Last came a little mouse-man.  He was late because he was laughing at everyone so hard that he lost his shoes.  And you have to wear shoes in the hotel.
The End. 

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