Monday, November 23, 2015

Thomas' Third 562nd Story

1.     Once upon a time, there was a Thomas named Thomas.  He was a teacher named Thomas.  His teacher name was “Mr. Kirchel”.  Mr. Kirchel was a second grade teacher.  He took his class on a field trip – to China.
Harry was in Mr. Kirchel’s class.  Harry fell asleep on the bus.  Mr. Kirchel clapped his hands and said, “Chop, chop, chop! You have to wake up, Harry.  You can’t sleep through the field trip.”
But Harry was still tired.  And Harry fell back to sleep on the bus. 
Mr. Kirchel said, “Harry!  You have to wake up if you want a smiley face in your folder.  If you don’t wake up, you’ll get an unhappy face.”
Harry still didn’t wake up.  But Mr. Kirchel didn’t give Harry an unhappy face; he gave him a happy face, so Harry would be unhappy.  Harry should be happy because today was his birthday, and he turned fourteen.  And he should eat lots of cupcakes.
The End. 

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