Monday, November 30, 2015

Thomas' Third 588th Story

1.     Once upon a time, there was a Thomas and the blue chalk.  He was like Harold and the purple crayon, but Thomas’ blue chalk could extroy (explode and destroy) things. 
Thomas used his chalk to extroy a rock.  And he extroyed a bench-swing.  And he extroyed the flower pots and the flowers in the flower pots.  And he extroyed the grass.  And he extroyed the house.
Then Thomas wanted to extroy the moon, but that didn’t seem like a very good idea.  So Thomas drew a ladder to the moon instead, and went up to visit the moon.
Moons are nocturnal.  The moon had stayed up all night playing, so the moon was a little tired in the morning.  The moon was a good friend, though, so it made Thomas some moon chocolate milk and some moon-berry muffins for breakfast. 
After breakfast, Thomas had to go home to catch the bus for school, but his home was gone – he had extroyed it with his blue chalk.  Thomas was sad because he had no home.
The moon, “Silly boy, that’s not a blue chalk for extroying things.  That’s a blue chalk for making things.  Just go back and make your home again.”
So Thomas went back and made his home again.  And he drew the grass, and the flowers and the flower pots, and the swing-bench, but not the rock.  Then Thomas drew a thermometer with nice, cool September weather.
The End. 

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